Affirmative Prayer of Acceptance
There's only one life, one absolute reality, one mind, and
one universe that's everywhere present. The center
present in all life is present within you and within all life
where ever it exists. Everything and every no-thing
lives, moves, and has its being in the infinite whole that
is everywhere.
The center of the universe is right where you are. The
more you dwell upon the oneness of all life and unity of
the whole the more you see that you are the place where
all life comes together. The more you seek the Light
Within the brighter it becomes. The more you desire to
know and experience its presence the more it reveals
itself to you.
The Divine broadcast is always present and announces
again and again that all life is connected to the same
source, all life lives in the one, and all life has access to
the one. I now accpept that I can receive the Divine
broadcast and know the thoughts of my soul. I recognize
that what I seek will come into my consciousness and
manifest in my life. Knowing that I have access to all
that I am willing to receive I release the stuff that stands
in the way.
In that quiet place of mind repeat these words, "I give
thanks for all that I have and seek to receive.
And so it is."
Affirmative Prayers
                    Spiritual Healing and Affirmative Prayer
                           by Allen David Young, MBA, MCS, PhD

                                                                Telephone 510 843-1299

My Prayer for You
Thank you for taking the next few moments to take in these words and dwell
with me in the place of absolute divinity. Take a deep breath and hold it to the
count of four, and then let it out slowly to the count of four. Repeat this breathing
pattern again in your own rhythm until you feel centered. As you exhale let go of
all negative memories, thoughts, worries, troubles, hurts, and whatever else you
no longer need. Forgive yourself for holding on to and having any negative
states of mind. Imagine that any unwanted emotions are falling away from you
like a ball rolling down hill.

Put your attention on that quiet place and sense the oneness and goodness of all
life. Fill your heart with the presence and power of God. Imagine that the sun
fills your heart with the brightness of day. See your heart as the open sky. See
the evening stars as your infinite potential. See yourself as the center of the

As you continue to dwell in this special place remember that you are always
sitting, standing, walking, and lying down on sacred ground. Listen to the
stillness. Know that when you are perfectly still you can sense life everywhere.
Listen to your heartbeat. Whether the beat of your heart is real or imagined
listen to the silence behind it. Feel the warmth of the sun as she spreads her
light from the center of your being to the circumference of the universe.

Lift up your heart and mind to be aware of the presence of God. Be still and
know that you are one with all life. Know that as you dwell upon the One you
become one with all life. Remember that all life is one life. You are part of me, I
am part of you, and we are part of the one. Know that God is the secret source of
all thoughts and things. Know that you are the place where God shows up. Know
that you are Gods beloved.

I accept that God is on the job and that God knows you better than you know
your self. I accept that the deeper mind knows what you know and what you  
don’t know. I accept that the deeper mind knows how to fix and perfect all
thoughts and conditions better than we do. I accept for you, and with you, that
God is the deep fathomless roof of your being and that you are always connected
to God. Call or not called God is right where you are. I affirm with you that the
deeper mind hears your prayers and thoughts, and is now responding with the
answers to all of your requests. I affirm that God is the rainbow after all storms,
the light that takes away the darkness, and the pot of gold at the end of all

I now release these words knowing that they ask for the things I seek, and that
they are received by and acted upon by the One. And so it is. Amen