Trinities to Enneagrams, I Ching Readings,
                    and Catching God's Thoughts    
by Allen David Young, MBA, MCS, PhD

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Modern Interpretation of 64
Hexagrams Included

314 Pages

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                   Words of Praise for
       Catching God’s Thoughts

For Those not familiar with the I Ching, Dr Young's unique perception has enabled him
to advance an elegant blend of psychology, religion, spirituality, and intuition to give
nue meanings and many to to date practical applications that make use of this age old
Sydney Barbary Metrick, author of Crossing the Bridge, and The Art of Ritual

Catching God’s Thoughts is full of rich gems for those on the spiritual path. In a
thought provoking manner, Allen David Young invites the reader to tap into his/her
own intuitive faculties through an understanding and use of visioning and the I Ching.
Different approaches to discerning divine guidance are presented in a reader-friendly
manner that assists one in accessing the realm of divine thought.
Dr. Joan Steadman, Spiritual Leader—Oakland Center for Spiritual Living

Allen David Young is passionate about helping regular people realize their spiritual
potential and he does so in Catching God’s Thoughts by introducing them to a
practical—and enjoyable—system of listening for guidance. He addresses the desire
many have to combine intellect and intuition when seeking guidance, and also, he
balances this affirmative spiritual process with a mindful consideration of the shadow
part of life. This book stimulates creative thinking, and promotes deep inquiry into the
nature of being.
Dr. Edward Viljoen, co-author of Seeing Good at Work, Spiritual Leader—Santa Rosa
Center for Spiritual Living

I enjoyed reading the metaphoric meanings given to archetypal and historical
characters in the book, i.e. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, et al. I find that metaphors such as
these are instructional ways in which to convey important inner meanings. People who
are schooled and interested in the I Ching will find the diagrammatic element of
associations with characters, elements and categories a good guide on ways to think.
Dr. Margaret Stortz, author of Lights Along the Way, Former President of United
Churches of Religious Science
Summary of  I Ching Readings
(formerly published as I Ching Wisdom from the Soul)

All the troubles of the world, especially spiritual troubles such as hoplessness,
impatience, depression, and anger, have roots in the human failure to communicate
with the soul.
I Ching Wisdom from the Soul is a book and workbook that makes
apparent how you can receive answers to personal questions from the unseen guest
that is always with you. Reason can analyze and organize, but only through intuition
can the soul create.

Just as the Internet gives access to vast worldly knowledge, the power of intuition
gives unlimited access to vast self-knowledge. This book advances the power of
intuition through the I Ching and helps you understand the soul's perspectives and
laws that pertain to all situations.

As long as you have an open mind and a desire to know your self, you can join the
millions who have received inspiration, healing, and answers from the ever-present
soul. Throughout this book, you will see examples of questions answered by consulting
the I Ching and using intuition. While these questions were asked to address many
personal, relationship, and self-healing concerns of many of my clients, they can be
used and answered for your situation. The process of getting answers to these
questions will help you understand your soul's purpose as well.

276 Pages

ISBN 978-1-5434-4613-5 (Soft)
ISBN 978-1-5434-4613-5 (Hard)
ISBN 978-1-5434-4613-5 (eBook
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As a spiritual tool and system of personality types, the new directions and moving
enneagram presented in this work give a clear understanding of ourselves and those
who are important to us. The trinity forces within the enneagram are expanded beyond
personality types to reveal the nine stages of how thought become things, the nine
soul types and stages of development in life. Since ancient times, stages of life have
been considered the soul of nature and give predictable patterns of physical and
psychological development. Seasons and cycles of development give form and order to
life which reveal patterns in nature that exist in everything including human evolutionary
theory. They provide us with faith in something greater than our ego consciousness and
therefore our authentic self or soul.

Throughout this book the circle of life, the trinity and enneagram stages are seen as
continuous and recurring changes that reflect universal concepts of manifestation. They
are explained as forms of intuition and thinking patterns that can be identified and read
to understand the meaning of our life situations. They reveal the secrets of inner life,
our changing interests over time, and the field of personal experience. Since everything
in the hidden world of the creative of unconscious part of the mind seeks outward
manifestation, those who understand the process will attract what they seek.

The Video and Audio presentations here provide a sampling of the books content.

1) 8 minute video, The 9 Stages from Thoughts to Manifestation,
2) 10 minute audio, Trinity and Enneagram Soul Stages 4, 5 & 6,
3) 9 minute video, Expanding the Trinity to the Enneagram,
4) 14 minute audio, Trinity to Enneagram Stages of Life,
5) 17 minute audio, iHeartRadio Interview Thoughts to Things,

238 Pages

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ISBN 978-1-68139-537-1 (eBook)

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