About Catching God’s Thoughts
                                         Summary Introduction

Catching God's Thoughts presents the two oldest and most reliable intuitive methods for
listening to God in human history, namely, visioning and the I Ching. In addition to using
I Ching hexagrams to present God's ideas, the book shows how to vision God's thoughts
alone, and use visioning with I Ching hexagrams.

The themes in this book deal with spiritual life and getting God’s thoughts on everything.
This book answers the questions: how can I seek God, listen to God, help God, become
God, and presents many reader-friendly spiritual guidance examples on how to talk to
God, serve God, listen to God, and know God by visioning God’s idea.

Catching God’s Thoughts presents the spiritual elements in visioning and the I Ching. It
shows how to get divine guidance based on new thought visioning, and how to listen to
God's thoughts through visions.  

This book is equally about the spiritual elements in the I Ching and listening to God with
the I Ching. In a thought provoking manner, it gives I Ching perspectives on the bible,
modern interpretations of the 64 hexagrams, and shows how to get divine ideas with I
Ching hexagrams.

Throughout the spiritual history of humanity visioning and some form of divination like the
I Ching have been used to answer the questions raised by individuals at all levels of
awareness. Intuitive answers that only rely on visions present dramatic emotional
themes but may not give acceptable conclusions, while answers from only the I Ching
bring the power of logic they may often omit emotions of visual themes. Using real
examples of divine thought regarding the lives of people, relationship situations, and
social problems this book teaches you how to integrate intuitive feelings from visioning
with intuitive thinking from the I Ching to catch the divine broadcast with clarity and

Just as biblical authors worked with visioning long before creating the Bible, early
creators of the I Ching used it as an oracle to listen to the unconscious long before any
religion was established. The development of the Book of Changes, or I Ching in
Chinese, first as a book of divination used mainly by pagans and then as a book of
wisdom, gave birth to Taoism and Confucianism which in turn supported the growth of
Buddhism. The I Ching answers questions in a way that gives you the feeling of being
addressed by a living being in full possession of the thought and facts involved.

Visioning is a form of inner observing that takes place when the conscious mind is quiet.
A vision is a "dream" you have while semiconscious, or awake, and focused on listening
to the divine. It is a form of thinking without words. The I Ching and visioning are
methods for listening to the ever-present divine broadcast. As long as you have the
desire to receive and follow God’s ideas, you have the right attitude
for each method.

The results of getting God's thoughts lead to manifesting unity more than with
manifesting personal material success. Reliance on visioning and the I Ching for guidance
from the God regulates the forces of the unconscious and allows equal expression of all
aspects of the whole. In time, you will attain the highest degree of peace and personal
fulfillment as opposing thoughts and feelings within you become reconciled. Getting to
know God’s thoughts will move you toward a life of conscious union with the Divine
where no one aspect of personality dominates in expression at the expense of other
Catching God's Thoughts: Visioning with Elements of the I Ching   
by Allen David Young, MCS, PhD

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Modern Interpretation
of 64 Hexagrams Included

314 Pages
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                                     Words of Praise for
  Catching God’s Thoughts

For Those not familiar with the I Ching, Dr Young's unique perception has enabled him to
advance an elegant blend of psychology, religion, spirituality, and intuition to give nue
meanings and many to to date practical applications that make use of this age old tool.
Sydney Barbary Metrick, author of Crossing the Bridge, and The Art of Ritual

Catching God’s Thoughts is full of rich gems for those on the spiritual path. In a thought
provoking manner, Allen David Young invites the reader to tap into his/her own intuitive
faculties through an understanding and use of visioning and the I Ching. Different
approaches to discerning divine guidance are presented in a reader-friendly manner that
assists one in accessing the realm of divine thought.
Dr. Joan Steadman, Spiritual Leader—Oakland Center for Spiritual Living

Allen David Young is passionate about helping regular people realize their spiritual
potential and he does so in Catching God’s Thoughts by introducing them to a practical—
and enjoyable—system of listening for guidance. He addresses the desire many have to
combine intellect and intuition when seeking guidance, and also, he balances this
affirmative spiritual process with a mindful consideration of the shadow part of life. This
book stimulates creative thinking, and promotes deep inquiry into the nature of being.
Dr. Edward Viljoen, co-author of Seeing Good at Work, Spiritual Leader—Santa Rosa
Center for Spiritual Living

I enjoyed reading the metaphoric meanings given to archetypal and historical characters
in the book, i.e. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, et al. I find that metaphors such as these are
instructional ways in which to convey important inner meanings. People who are
schooled and interested in the I Ching will find the diagrammatic element of associations
with characters, elements and categories a good guide on ways to think.
Dr. Margaret Stortz, author of Lights Along the Way, Former President of United
Churches of Religious Science

Dr. Young has written a delightfully useable book. He walks the user across the bridge
between intuition and spirituality, linking the two shores with efficiency and grace.
Catching God’s Thoughts has proven to be an invaluable addition to my spiritual toolbox.
Dr. David Bruner, Spiritual Director—San Jose Center for Spiritual Living

Allen David Young points out that "without visions and other intuitive encounters, we
would have no Bible, no Judiasm, no Christianity, no Islam, and no spiritual traditions"...
he then presents fresh approaches with relevant practical examples of using intuition to
catch God's ideas.
D. Monaghan, Teacher and Student

I value this work. It is in the spirit of bettering the human condition. I found it worthy of
critical reflection.
Rev. Archie Smith, Jr., M.S.W, Ph.D., author of Navigating the Deep Rivers: Spirituality in
African American Families,
Professor of Pastoral Counseling and Psychology—Pacific
School of Religion


1   Accept and Embrace Oneness
Accepting God
Affirmative Prayer of Acceptance

2   Accept the Mystery
Releasing Separation
Outgrowing Negativity
Many Meanings

3   Catch the Vision or Intuitive Insight
Dreams and Other Insights
Many Ways to Vision
Allowing the Vision
On the Receiving End

4   Toward Clarity
Visioning Examples
Example with the I Ching
Judging Intuitive Insights

5   Visioning or the I Ching
The Creation of Hexagram Visions
Combining Hexagrams and Visions

6   Foundations of the I Ching
Psychological Types in the I Ching
Yany and Yin
Psychological Functions from Yang and Yin
Extroverted and Introverted Types
Historical Uses of the I Ching

7   New Ways to Understand Hexagrams
The Trigrams
Lower and Upper Trigram Pairs
Hexagram Interpretation from Trigrams
Hexagram Key Ideas and Grades
Opposite Hexagrams
Opposite Trigrams

8   Consulting the I Ching
One and Two Hexagram Answers
A New Approach to Ancient Divination
Finding Your Hexagram Number
Matrix of Trigrams and Hexagram Numbers

9   Counseling
Answering Questions
Clarity about Dating Dilemma
Understanding a Miscarriage
Decision-making for Relocation Move
Guidance for a Relationship
Knee Healing Guidance

10   Public Personalities & Social Problems
Barack Obama
George "W" Bush
Immigration Reform

11  Asking for Help
Getting Answers
Personal Questions
Relationship and Group Questions

The 64 Hexagrams
Modern interpretations of 64 hexagrams include Old and New
Testamement wisdom, and trigram insights based on Jung's
psychological types. These new interpretations have greater
relevance or western minds than the ancient Chinese narratives.