Psychic Readings and Spiritual Counseing                Aquarian Institute
by Allen David Young, MCS, PhD

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Scheduling & Costs

Allen David Young has more than 25-years of experience
and is one of the world's most knowledgeable and best
spiritually based intuitive readers-consultants in the

There are many reasons for having a consultation and
any topic may be addressed. Gaining insights into and
healing: Relationships; job and career situations;
business or finance problems; decision-making; spiritual
direction, mental and physical health assessments;
predictions; and general readings are among the most
common topics—accounting for well over ninety percent
of all consultations.
If you realize that all things
Change, there is nothing you
Will try to hold on to.
Tao Te Ching

Contact the Spirit Doctor at:

or by telephone at:

(800) 592-2733

How Readings Work and What's the Cost?

Currently I do every reading. The typical phone reading will go like this:

1)  After the reading has been set up and scheduled, and the client agrees to the
estimated payment, arrangements are taken care of (usually by bank card). I do
the reading and then call the client at the appointed time.

2)  While most clients simply listen to what I have to say and ask clarifying
questions as needed, for others the session is more conversational in style.

3)  I make fewer written notes and tend to do less inner work and centering
with in-person sessions because the physical presence of the client tends to
make the session more of a performance. Whereas in-person clients watch me
do the inner work and get their reading bit by bit as the insights are collected, in
telephone sessions clients get the whole reading and perspective uninterrupted
by inner work, as written notes of the reading have already been made.

4)  Telephone readings are $240 per hour, $120 for half hour, and $60 for
15-minutes when applicable. I always offer an estimated cost, when requested,
for doing the whole reading before any work begins.

5)  At the beginning of the session the client has the option of making their own
audio recording of the reading or I can use my digital recorder to make a CD for
them. The handling, and mailing expense for this feature is $10.

How Do Prayer Services Work and What's the Cost?

Affirmative prayer sessions by telephone and in-person may be recorded
at the clients’ request. The typical prayer session begins like this:

1) The client makes their request for prayer and talks about what they want to
be healed as I listen and ask clarifying questions.

2)  Most first time clients get readings before spiritual mind treatment work
begins. The reading helps clients to understand the deeper minds’ wisdom and
guidance about the situation that needs healing or attention. These insights
usually give penetrating tips on what the problem is, why it is a problem, and
what steps the client needs to take to create the best outcome.

3)   The cost for healing prayer work is $75-$100 for the initial session.
A CD recording of the prayer is included in the cost.

Acceptable Payment Methods

The most common method of payment for telephone work is by bank or
credit card.

Personal checks and cash can be used for in-person sessions. When checks must
be used as payment for telephone sessions, the check must be
mailed in advance of the session to:

Allen David Young, PhD
629 Aileen Street
Oakland, California 94609

Working by Telephone or In-Person?

All of my initial readings with new clients are by phone. Working by telephone to
do readings (consultations) or prayers is much easier to schedule than in-person
work. The information is the same whether it is in-person or by telephone.
Telephone sessions tend to provide a deeper inner work as there is less physical
distraction and no need to perform or look a certain way for clients. The idea that
I need to see the clients physically in order to read their energy, or view some of
their physical items such as photos, is simply not true.