The Compact Disc Course

Catching God’s Thoughts
Intuition Training through Clairvoyant Visioning and the I Ching
Created by Allen David Young, PhD

The Compact Disc course titled Catching God’s Thoughts develops your ability to “see”
clairvoyant visions and teaches practical uses of the Book of Changes or "I Ching" (in
Chinese) to increase the precision of your intuition. Through numerous examples and
learning-by-doing opportunities/assignments each 70-minute CD gives easy to follow

   Training your clairvoyance ability
•   Learn to consult the I Ching, visioning and clairvoyance with the I Ching
•   Learn when to use each method to best get and understand
divine ideas for every situation
•   Learn to minimize confusion when reading answers from the deeper
•   Gain mastery in the use of your intuition

        Contents of Recording Number and Title

           1   Anatomy of Intuition
           2   Ways to do Visioning
           3   Visions and their Meaning
           4   Chakras and The Shadow
           5   Seek and Find Answers
           6   The I Ching
           7   Consulting the Oracle
           8   Your Trigram Personality and Wholeness
           9   Applications Unlimited
          10  Social Change


                                                 Cost:  $350
             Contents: 10-Compact Disc, Book, plus Q & A time (90 minutes)
                    Upon request  by email on Contents and Assignments
                           The Compact Disc and Book only for $200

                              For more information or to get started:
                                                510 428 0230

About the Course Creator: Before changing my career path over twenty five
years ago to do the spiritual intuition work I do now, I worked as a university
professor, business school dean, and statistician in the banking industry. After training
with the Berkeley Psychic Institute and several divinity schools my second, and current,
career as a clairvoyant psychic has evolved into helping clients get messages from God.
I am now a spiritual master on a mission to find spiritual solutions to practical problems
and ways to bridge intuition and spirituality.

Off-site Workshops and Courses Presented Upon Request

My experience makes me the best person to present this course not because I have
reached ultimate spiritual conclusions, but rather because my experience shows me
that this subject can bring out the enlightenment inherent within all people. I am the
author of
Vision & Change, and Catching God’s Thoughts: Visioning with Elements of the
I Ching, Lifelong I Ching Readings,
and I assist about 500 clients with an average of one
session a year and a few VIP clients with an average of one session a week. As a
Science of Mind practitioner and minister, I have practiced the visioning process for
many years.
       Course Perspective and Summary

This course presents examples and practical applications of the
bridge between intuition and spirituality from my life work as a
counselor and teacher. The lessons that follow offer new
thoughts about the ancient traditions of using intuitive
approaches (Clairvoyance or visioning and the I Ching) to listen
to God ideas, and ways to understand ultimate reality.

Most people find the world of dreams and daydreams acceptable
because everyone has them, but tend to look down upon visions
and divination. However, the bible regards visions, dreams,
angels, and intuitions to catch God's ideas in much the same
way. As a whole, they tell the story of how God makes its way
from the invisible realm into the visible realm. In this course,
visions and intuitive insights are regarded as revelations from

Catching God's Thoughts: Audio Presentations about Course
               by Allen David Young, MBA, MCS, PhD

                                                Telephone  510 843-1299                 
Visions and other intuitive methods of listening to the Divine bring to light a paradox
about consciousness. What we know now was previously unknown and a mystery to
us. As we come to know the unknown, the paradox is this: consciousness or the known
excludes the unconscious and the known excludes the unknown. In self-discovery, as in
following God's will, there are no absolutes. Everything depends upon the
consciousness that you bring to the table. Although consciousness causes us to define
it, and becomes something only when we say it's something.